Currently only cash payment possible.



The indicated times are pure massage times, Preliminary discussion, Follow-up conversation And showers Are included in the prices.

Dahars Tempel (Bubikon ZH)

Tantramassage Light
90min 300.- CHF
120min 400.- CHF

Tantramassage traditional

90min 350.- CHF
120min 400.- CHF
150min 500.- CHF
180min 600.- CHF

Sensual Massage (Dahars Massage, Body to Body Massage)
90min 450.- CHF
120min 550.- CHF

Ritual with three 150min 550.- CHF
Ritual with four 200min 700.- CHF
Ritual with four 150min 900.- CHF


30min clarity call free of charge (Online)

Dahars Tempel (Bubikon)
1x 2,5-3h 400.- CHF
3x 2,5-3h 370.- CHF (per Session)
5x 2,5-3h 350.- CHF (per Session)

1x 2-2,5h 300.- CHF
3x 2-2,5h 270.- CHF (per Session)
5x 2-2,5h 250.- CHF (per Session)


This offer is only meant for people with a handicap, or older people with physical difficulties.

Dahars Tempel (Bubikon ZH)
90min 300.- CHF
120min 400.- CHF

Andana (Brunau ZH)
60min 220.- CHF
90min 320.- CHF
120min 420.- CHF

Eigene Räumlichkeiten
60min 150.- CHF
90min 220.- CHF
+ 50.- CHF pro 60min travel time (two ways by car from Bubikon ZH)

60min 150.- CHF 
90min 220.- CHF

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to an appointment?

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Click on the button below the offer and you will be redirected to the page.  If you want a tantric massage, a sexological bodywork session, a tantric couple massage or a bondage massage, Then you can book an appointment directly on the website of the Dahars Temple in the online calendar. Some offers may not yet be listed on the website, Write to me for these things directly at "Contact" on this website.

May I touch you too?

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The desire to regain touch is natural and can arise. However, it is precisely the passivity to be able to “just”receive, which brings with it a very high quality.

Therefore, no mutual touches are provided in tantric massage and bondage massage as well as in sexological bodywork sessions.

In the Dahars massage with body to body elements, there is a different physical proximity. And it is also possible to return a hug, Careful holding or touching. However, the roles of giving and receiving persons are always fixed. The massage is about you as a receiving person. 

Can I freshen up before the massage/session?

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In addition to the preliminary and follow-up conversation, you have enough time to shower and prepare before and after the massage. Shower towels and standard hygiene products are at your disposal.

This time is not deducted from the massage time.

Do I have to be naked during the massage?

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No, you don't have to. It is your massage and you decide how you want to receive it. Normally, in the tantric massage the receiving and giving part is naked. But If you prefer, you can also keep your clothes or panties on. And I also follow your wishes when massaging, for example, if you want me to keep the cloth around, it's no problem either.

It is important that you feel comfortable at every moment.

Will my intimate parts also be touched?

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If it is your wish. It also belongs to your body and may also be touched, but does not have to. I ask you before the massage if there are parts of the body where you do not want to be touched and stick to it during the massage. You can also change your mind during the massage and let me know.

Do I have to be aroused during the massage?

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No. You don't have to, but you can. You can be there the way you are. The massage is very close and can also be very erotic. However, it does not matter for the massage whether you are aroused or not important that you feel comfortable and safe. And in this context you can be with everything that is there.

You may laugh,


be hard,

be soft,




Make faces,


Is there a sexual exchange?

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That depends on your definition of sexual, the energies are flowing, which can also affect sexual energy.

Physical sex, oral sex and the like is not offered. And doesn't belong in this setting.

I have personal difficulties/ a special life situation, can you respond to that?

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Everyone has their own topics. I approach you as I am, just as you are. Whatever concerns you or moves you, you are welcome to let me know. I will deal with it in love and do my best to accompany you in the most conducive way for you.

I have a disability, can I still come to you?

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I don't have any training in the nursing sector yet. But I am open and mindful, and rejoice in every person who comes to me with all our inner and outer joys and infirmities.

The premises where I work are wheelchair accessible. However, if you have severe physical limitations, it can help if you take your caregiver with you. This can either bring and pick you up or help you find a suitable massage position and put you back in the wheelchair after the massage.

Please write to me personally via the website so that we can view the details together.

Who can come to you?

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People 18+ I welcome you regardless of gender and sexual orientation. I love how humanity shapes its own life in all its diversity and creativity.

What are the payment options?

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Currently only cash payment possible.

Is an orgasm guaranteed, or does it have to be?

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You are totally free to ejaculate. It’s up to you, an orgasm must not be and is not guaranteed. If you would like to know more about it, feel free to ask me before the massage or session. I will be happy to help you. Whatever your topic is, we can integrate into the massage.

Can I also receive a prostate massage?

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Yes, this is easily possible. Preferably in a 2h massage because experience has shown that internal massages also need Yoni (female sexual organ) more time to develop the full potential.

Feel free to talk to me before the massage about, if I  don't ask you anyway.